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The purpose of this page is to provide a centralized place where biographies on people important to understanding the Doctrine & Covenants can be found.


  • Cowdery, Oliver
  • Gilbert, Sidney
  • Harris, Martin
  • Knight, Joseph Sr.
  • Marsh, Thomas
  • McLellin, William
  • Partridge, Edward
  • Pratt, Parley
  • Phelps, William
  • Rigdon, Sidney
  • Smith, Hyrum
  • Smith, Joseph
  • Whitmer, David
  • Whitmer, John
  • Whitney, Newel
  • Wight, Lyman
  • Williams, Frederick
  • Young, Brigham


This section is for listing links and print resources, including those cited in the notes. A short comment about the particular strengths of a resource can be helpful. Click the link to the right to add a resource. →

  • Black, Susan Easton and Larry C. Porter. "Rest Assured, Martin Harris Will Be Here in Time." In Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture, 20/1 (2011): p. 5-27. Provo, Utah: BYU University: Neil A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. This article discusses the testimony borne by martin while traveling to Utah to join the saints at age 87.


Footnotes are not required but are encouraged for factual assertions that average readers cannot easily evaluate for themselves, such as the date of King Solomon’s death or the nuanced definition of a Greek word. In contrast, insights rarely benefit from footnoting, and the focus of this page should always remain on the scriptures themselves rather than what someone has said about them. Links are actively encouraged on all sections of this page, and links to authoritative sources are preferable to footnotes.

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