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Historical Setting[edit]

  • Authorship and audience.
  • Time. Most of the revelations and other documents contained in the Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price were received or created, or tell abut events that occurred, between 1820-1847. A chronology of Joseph Smith's life and of the early latter day church is found at Historical Overview of the Restoration Scriptures. Maps, timelines, and biographical sketches can also be found from that page.
  • Place. The Doctrine & Covenants takes place in the northeastern quarter of the United States between Missouri and New York. Places
  • People. The Doctrine & Covenants includes almost no story, yet it names dozens of people without any explanation of who they are. On some occasions it does not matter to the reader that a revelation was addressed to a particular individual rather than another. But on other occasions it does matter a great deal. Links to information regarding about forty of the kety individuals referenced in the Doctrine & Covenants is found at D&C People.




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