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Welcome to Feast upon the Word's community portal.

How you can help[edit]

We need your help to make this site great.

There are lots of ways you can help. Here are some ideas: (Click on the link to get started)

Navigation and project pages[edit]

  • Pages in need of attention : a list of pages that need some dedicated work to make them better.
  • Sunday school lessons: a list of Sunday school lesson pages (links to pages with all commentary on a given lesson put onto one page).
  • Alma 13 project assessment : In April & May of 2005 several people concentrated on adding commentary to the first part of Alma 13. The idea was to test how well Feast upon the Word works when multiple people add content to the same page. This page was built as a follow-up to that project. The purpose of the page is to assess how the process worked.

Community pages[edit]

  • Current users : a list of registered users to date (with links to user pages).
  • Site:Admins : a list of the administrators for this site.
  • Blog threads: a list of blog threads on scripture topics (manually updated).
  • LDS blogs : a page with links to LDS blogs.

Administrative and developer pages[edit]

Other resources[edit]

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