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I'm doing this to provide a place for me to experiment with the structure of the article. But I have ended up making some smaller changes and so I went ahead and published those directly to 1 Ne 1:1-5. Others who want to experiment with the structure should feel free to play here. Or you can create your own user subpage if you want to do work on it independently. --Matthew Faulconer 05:28, 28 Apr 2006 (UTC)

I'm going to try to first turn this into an outline. Get thoughts from others hopefully and then try adding back the text where appropriate. --Matthew Faulconer 05:49, 28 Apr 2006 (UTC)

A few quick thoughts for now: First, I think it might be useful to put a lot of the structural analysis in the lexical notes section, and then put the interpretation of that analysis in the lexical notes section. I'm not sure this can be done without quite a bit of reworking, so I'm not sure if it's worth it, but I do think this would provide another useful layer of organizational structure to the existing content. Also, I like the idea of writing an outline for the content, and then going through the existing content and trying to see where and how the current content fits in that outline. The trick will be picking outline topics that group ideas in the best way. --RobertC 15:51, 28 Apr 2006 (UTC)