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Hi Jeff, welcome to this site. --Matthew Faulconer 22:23, 9 Jul 2006 (UTC)

Hi Jeff, thanks for the comments on Alma 32. I moved the comment on dross to the commentary page. I am interested in the parable of the wedding feast (Matt 22:1-14) in relation to this. I wonder if it is proper to apply this parable to how the Lord invites people to the gospel. Does he invite first the people of class? --Matthew Faulconer 16:37, 15 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for moving that over, I am still not sure where comments go whether they be in the comments section or the discussion page. You bring up an excellent point with the wedding feast, I will have to do some studying about that and I think that it is a very interesting point to take into consideration. Thanks --Jeff Batt 04:23, 20 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Ooh, I like that. I just finished writing up some thoughts on the poor on the discussion page for Alma 32:1, but this introduces an interesting twist. Must be thought through. --Joe Spencer 23:57, 15 Oct 2006 (UTC)


Hi Jeff, just a quick reminder to sign your name to your comments on the talk page. (You can use the second from the right button at the top of the edit screen to do this.) Thanks for your comments. --Matthew Faulconer 05:18, 18 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Matt I now went back and added my name to all the contibutions that I have made. I did not know how to do that so thank you for explaining that to me. I was in a car accident on tuesday and have not been feeling well enough to contribute more yet. I am getting back and will be back in the swing of things soon. I'm fine just a very sore neck and back, but my work truck is pretty damaged. I know that some one was watching out for me because I was going 65mph and going on I-15 in heavy traffic so I am thankful it was not worse than it was. --Jeff Batt 04:33, 20 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to hear you are doing well now. I hope the back and neck pain will go away with no lingering problems. I-15 has some serious traffic issues even after the recent expansion!
PS the convention is that signatures are put on the discussion (talk) pages but not on the regular pages. The thinking is that the regular pages represent a single text so there is no need for a signature. The talk pages are all about conversation (different texts playing off each other) so it is helpful to see in that coversation who is saying what when. I hope this helps.
--Matthew Faulconer 05:15, 20 Oct 2006 (UTC)