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Hi Jarom, Note that I moved some of your comments to a subpage of your user page. Unlike the commentary pages, the user subpages are a place with very few restrictions. Like the discussion pages, these pages are also a good place for posts of a more conversational nature.

Note that the commentary pages need to stay focused on what the scriptures that they refer to actually say. Because of this, there are many times where a question is appropriate on the commentary page but some of the possible answers to that question are not. Why? Because though the scripture raises the question, the scripture doesn't provide any clue to the answer. In times like this posting something on a user page or another site and then linking to it from the related links section allows users to speculate on a possible answer to the question--and readers to find these answers--without suggesting that the scriptures themselves give the answer that they do not.

Does that make sense?

--Matthew Faulconer 07:11, 19 Sep 2005 (CEST)

PS for more information on Site:Policies go to Site:Policies.

Hi Jarom, Thanks for your continued support of the site.

Just a reminder that comments on the commentary page should not be written as though they are explaining your personal beliefs, e.g. "I believe ..." This is innapropriate for that page because that is a page jointly written by us all. As such the "I" isn't meaningful to the reader. For this reason I moved your comments to a sub-page of your user page. You are welcome to post such comments on their directly. Alternatively, instead of talking about your own beliefs, if you want to give a possible interpretation of the scripture itself, feel free to use the exegesis section of the commentary page to do that.

Thanks, --Matthew Faulconer 03:58, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)