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  • D&C 76:50-70 (these are they who are just men made perfect)
  • 3 Ne 28:1-10 (more blessed are ye...and then shall ye be blessed in the kingdom of God)
  • D&C 78:17-22 (the riches of eternity are yours)
  • D&C 131-132 (In the celestial kingdom...)
  • D&C 137 (I beheld the celestial kingdom of God...I saw the transcendent beauty)
  • Isa 56:1-3 (my salvation is near to come)
  • Matt 19:16-9 (sell that thou hast...and thou shalt have treasure in heaven)
  • John 14:1-6 (in my father's house are many mansions)
  • 2 Pet 1:10-12 (calling and election...everlasting kingdom)
  • Rev 21-22 (inherit all things...the walls of that city)