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Quotes pertaining to Alma 39:1-5:

  • v. 2 – quote: “The hen is the wisest of all animal creation because she never cackles until after the egg is laid.” (Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War, Burns, Burns, and Ward)
  • vv. 3-4 - quote: “As we see the hideous dress standards among the men and women, as we learn of the terrifying portrayal of filth and rot in entertainment places, we say, as we said to the brethren last night: Never go to any place that you wouldn’t take your priesthood with you. Stay out of such places. Someon said, ‘when you find a place that is labeled ‘adults only; no children or youth allowed,’ no adults should be allowed either, if you will be safe from the pitfalls of the devil,. We are members whom the Lord expects to be a light unto the world, and to set a standard for people to seek to it.” (Harold B. Lee, 1971)