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Alma bears his heart to his son in Alma 36:27-28. He tells Helaman that the Lord has delivered him from prison and gained his trust once again, even though he condemned His church. He delivered him from his trial and afflictions and He will do the same for us no matter what they are as long as we are humble and have faith. He will deliver us from our sorrows, hardships, and troubles; and Alma even goes as far as to say “deliver from prison and from bonds, and from death.” For Alma, that is what he felt like when he was with the sons of Mosiah. It meant so much to him that the Lord converted Him by the power of God when Alma was in the deepest hole he felt he could ever be in. When we feel like Alma, like there is no way we can come unto Christ and accept His gospel because we feel as though we have ruined our lives forever, God will still accept us. He just wants us to ask Him first, and have faith that he can deliver us.