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Kempj posted the following:

Verses 1:6-10[edit]

There seems to be a familiar ring in these couple of verses in which the wicked people are looking for any reason possible in order to slay the righteous. It reminds me of the wicked sadducees and pharisees of the new testament who sought to kill Christ for whatever reason possible. Here in third Nephi, because they didn't see the sign of the birth of Christ, they were ready to kill the believers. What blindness these people were in! It may also be interesting to note that at many points in the life of Christ, death was right on his heels and yet it was he who conquered death, loosing the bands on physical death and freeing those who would follow him from spiritual death.

I tried to capture the essence of this comment by adding specific cross-references to examples of believers whose lives were threatened because of their beliefs (though I didn't put references to Christ's life being sought--someone should add these at some point...). I'll look for a place to put the comment about Christ conquering death that's consistent with the site policies. --RobertC 09:36, 18 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Verses 1:11-15[edit]

Can you imagine seeing these signs, It would be amazing! I sometimes wonder after seeing these signs how could someone ever doubt or dwindle in the faith. But after some pondering it is the same in our day only I believe more powerful today! Some people today choose to dwindle in the faith after having recieved a witness by the spirit that God is present and that his church has been established! How amazing is that! You can always justify what you saw or heard and conivnce yourself that it was just a slip of mother nature or that it was something else but once you have recieved a confirmation from the spirit of God's presence it is so much harder to deny! For example the peace that I feel inside the temple is simply something that I can not deny. It is there and I know it, God knows it. People have so much knowledge of God and they don't realise it. --Bhardle 16 Oct 2005 22:04

User:Bhardle asked:

In verse 13 Christ is telling Nephi that the sign of his birth will come that very night. Did Christ know that he was sent from God when he was first born? If not, how and when did he know that he was the literal son of God?

Hi Bhardle, do you mean as a newborn? If so maybe something on this topic could go as a question or exegesis in the New Testament somewhere since the question is more about Jesus's early life than it is about his visit to the Nephites & Lamanites. In terms of answering your question, I don't believe any of the scriptures tell us exactly when Jesus knew he was the son of God0--though his experience teaching in the temple as a child suggests he already had some understanding of this concept at that time. Also, D&C 93:12 and the surrounding verses may be helpful. That section doesn't specifically talk about what things Jesus knew when but it does say that Jesus didn't receive everything at first. --Matthew Faulconer 13:18, 26 Oct 2005 (UTC)

I've read some non-LDS commentary to the effect that Jesus didn't know until his baptism. I don't think there's anything in scripture to support that, though. I think it would be interesting to find out what Jesus did during the first 30 years of his life. I have my guesses, but they're just that. --Eric 17:14, 26 Oct 2005 (UTC)