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Testimony and hope (v. 18:16)[edit]

Joe, the point you've made about Isaiah being rejected by the people and thus increasing the meaning and importance for future readers (ugh, that's a horrible summary of what you wrote, sorry), is one of the points that I really like in von Rad's chapter that you recommended to me (in Old Testament Theology v. 2). As usual, I'm not ready to take this up very seriously right now, but I think there are very important insights here that will help us interpret 2 Ne 31:20. That is, I think what you've written opens the door (note the pun re 31:20...) to thinking about hope in a new way--something like Isaiah's words continue to be important because of the hope that they will affect future generations.... --RobertC 17:57, 5 May 2007 (CEST)