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The passage of passages[edit]

Okay, here we are. The Gentiles, the Jews, and Israel are all the question precisely in this passage (verses 2-15). This is where discussion of this point must begin. I see it as complicated by the context, but not overly complicated. The context, of course, is Lehi's explaining to his family concerning two visions, each of which concerns a tree. Two trees, two 'tzym, just as one finds in Ezek 37. In Ezekiel, the two trees are assigned to two groups, the northern and southern kingdoms (for Ephraim, for Judah), and here, the two visions are similar: the tree of life vision seems tied to the northerners, the olive tree to the southerners. Or then, perhaps not. But at any rate, there is a beginning to think this question, and I think we have to take this up very carefully from here. What are the roles of the Gentiles, Jews, and Israel in this chapter, of all chapters? --Joe Spencer 16:35, 4 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Hi Joe, I haven't posted on this because I'm not quite sure where to go to be honest. That said, I would be very interested in hearing any additional thoughts you have on this. --Matthew Faulconer 14:44, 11 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Bit by bit, I'm working out things on the commentary page here. --Joe Spencer 14:45, 11 Oct 2006 (UTC)