Mark 3:11-15

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Lexical notes[edit]

  • The Greek verb translated as "ordained" in verse 14 (poieo) doesn't suggest a formal ordination as we would normally use that word today. The root verb is a very common verb that basically means "to make" or "to do," so how the word is translated into English depends a lot on the context. A very literal translation of this verse, then, would have Jesus "making" the twelve. Modern translations generally say that Jesus "appointed" or "selected" twelve.

It is interesting to note, though, that some Greek manuscripts include a phrase to indicate that Jesus named the twelve as apostles. So the idea that the twelve were selected to some sort of a formal position isn't foreign to this section of the Greek manuscripts.

Some manuscripts mention the selection of the twelve in verse 16 instead of here in verse 14, or in addition to verse 14.


  • Jesus in verse 12 again orders the unclean spirits not to let people know who is is. This may be because the sheer numbers of people thronging after Jesus have become something of a problem.

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