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Writing in Greek or Hebrew[edit]

To write in Greek or Hebrew characters on this site use Unicode. Remember, when writing a word in Greek characters, on its first use on the page, please transliterate it and provide a brief definition (as noted on Help:Formatting).

If you don't know Greek or Hebrew you can look it up from English and then copy and paste the Greek. Here are step by step instructions for finding the Greek for "winked at" (ὑπεροράω, transliteration: hyperoraō) in Acts 17:30 and copying and pasting the unicode characters into a Feast page.

  1. Go to the Blue Letter Bible Home page.
  2. Type the scripture reference in the search box and click search. To follow the example type: Acts 17:30. That takes you to this page.
  3. Click the "c" icon to the left of the verse. That takes you to this page.
  4. Click on the strong's # for the English word you are looking for a translation of. In this case click 5237. That takes you here.
  5. This page provides both the unicode Greek and the transliteration. Simply copy and paste each one. The unicode Greek is found in large font near the top. In this case ὑπεροράω. The transliteration is to the left just below it. In this case hyperoraō.

Other tools[edit]

  • The Polytonic Greek Keyboard Map will help write in Greek by clicking on the various Greek characters. This utility was created by Mark Goodacre. For more information on it see here.