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Anchors are a powerful tool for linking not only to a page, but to a specific location within a page. This facilitates cross referencing and scripture chaining by linking several passages directly to a single discussion. If you do not know what an anchor is or how to use it, see the Tutorials on internal links and anchors.

The wiki software cannot (or else the contributors to this page have not yet figured out how to) search for and find anchors. Thus, in order to use an anchor, you must already know that it exists, including its location and its name.

Hence the purpose of this page is to collect a list of the anchors used on the Feast Upon the Word site. This makes it easy to see if there is already an anchored discussion you want to link to, what the name of the anchor is, and where the anchor is located. This list can be searched, like any other webpage, using (Control + F).

To see the discussion associated with anchor, or to see the advantages of using anchors, simply click on the hyperlinked anchor.

Never delete or change the name of an anchor (unless you just created it yourself within the last five minutes).

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