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Hi Robertmerrill,

Welcome to Feast upon the Word. Thanks for your comments on 1 Ne 15:21-25. I found your comment interesting and revised it. If you think I left something out please feel free to revise again. Note some of the reasons I did were merely to make your comment conform to the conventions of this site. See Site:Policies for more details. This includes:

  • Taking out the language that refers specifically to you (e.g. "I paused this morning"). Since the commentary page is a single page written by us all it is confusing to the user to figure out which of the authors it is that the "i" refers to.
  • Making verse references internal to Feast upon the Word. By convention verse references refer to the internal reference for the verse versus the Chuch's site. Of course, when the user gets to the page, the verse from the Church's site will show on that page. This is simply a convention. But again, as the commentary page is a single text written by us all it is helpful to have some conventions so that the reader doesn't feel like they are constantly shifting gears.

Thanks again for posting and I hope you become a regular contributor. --Matthew Faulconer 04:57, 4 Oct 2005 (UTC)