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Hi Leonard,

Welcome to Feast upon the Word.

I changed several things about your post on the mysteries of God. The main reason I changed your post so much was that this site doesn't have any designated area for topical commentary--commentary devoted to a topic. Instead this site only has designated areas for textual commentary--commentary devoted to a discussion of a certain part of the scriptures. In the future, Feast upon the Word may introduce a place for topical commentary, but there are no immediate plans for such.

To make use of your insights, I moved your comments with some modifications to the relevant verses. Then in the related links section I put links to each of the verses with a brief description of what the reader will find there. Feel free to further modify the content.

For more information on what type of content goes where you may want to check out the Site:Policies.

I am glad you posted something to the site and hope that you become a regular contributor. --Matthew Faulconer 23:23, 5 Sep 2005 (CEST)