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This is a page on the use of the words Jew and Gentile in the Book of Mormon. All are invited to edit.

  • 1 Ne 3:3: "Laban hath a record of the Jews and also a genealogy of my forefathers" (are Nephi's forefathers contrasted with the Jews here or is this describing the same people?).
  • 1 Ne 13:23: Record of the Jews contains Lord's covenants with the house of Israel.
  • 1 Ne 13:42: First shall be last and last shall be first.
  • 1 Ne 15:17, 20: Jews and House of Israel used in parallel.
  • 2 Ne 26:33: To God Jew and Gentile are alike.
  • 2 Ne 29:12-13: The records of the Jews, Nephites and other tribes are contrasted.
  • 2 Ne 30:4: Nephites/Lamanites are descendants of the Jews.
  • 2 Ne 33:8: Jew=those from whence Nephi came.
  • Jacob 5:63: The last shall be first and the first shall be last.
  • Ether 4:7: Gentiles must have faith like the Brother of Jared.
  • Ether 13:10-13: New Jerusalem via house of Joseph, then Old Jerusalem restored (last shall be first).
  • D&C 90:9: Administration of the word shall go to Gentiles first, then the Jews.