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The Matheme of the Four Mormon Discourses[edit]

The Scheme[edit]

  preacher   -------->   preached to
  --------               -----------
  preached                 product

(Notes. I do want to draw, for now at least, on the profound symbol of the bar as Lacan articulates it, at least on the left half of the scheme: the preacher bars and yet is divided by the preached. The relationship between the preacher and the preached can perhaps therefore be said to be hermeneutic, or at least interpretive, but it is such in a sort of dialectical manner: the preached gives structure to the discourse of the preacher, and the preacher gives meaning to the preached. The product should not be understood in any absolute sense: it is a product in relation to the preached to.)

The Symbols[edit]

  L -- Law, but always in the form of a written text (hence, it can be taken simply as text)
  V -- Voluntarity or the volunteer: freedom (and hence, imagination), but also the will (hence the Latin root)
  X -- Chiasm, intertwining (with God, always with God... or maybe also with a god?): the icon (immanent intentionality),
       the redeemed, the praying subject, perhaps even the "leader"
  / -- Humility: the mark is the mark of the split (but without Lacan's "S"), and hence the mark of the cut (inflicted by
       sword or mohel...), the divided or division in general, but always with the idea of humility

(Notes. The first three symbols spell out LVX, Latin for "light." The matheme obviously draws on three masonic symbols, the symbols of the three tools needed to construct any edifice: the square, the compass, and the straightedge—and it will be seen how the symbols as articulated in Masonic thought match up with the meanings given them here. It is worth pointing out also that / is one half of X.)

The Matheme Itself[edit]

The matheme is a mobile scheme of discourses, like Lacan's scheme of four discourses, and it is a matheme of the four discourses of Mormonism as I lay out in my paper I'll be delivering in May in Virginia. The movement from one discourse to another is just as important as the independent "structure" of each discourse separately. The order, therefore, in which the discourses come is of some significance, not lightly to be passed over.

Evental Discourse[edit]

  V  ----->  /
  -          -
  L          X

(Brief explanation: An imaginative reading of the scriptures, preached to the humble, results in redemption.)

Fundamentalist Discourse[edit]

  L  ----->  V
  -          -
  X          /

(Brief explanation: The Law, as written symbols, unaddressedly addresses the free subject with reference to redemption, and the free subject is thereby humbled.)

Ecumenical Discourse[edit]

  X  ----->  L
  -          - 
  /          V

(Brief explanation: The redeemed preaches humility to the scriptures and thereby produces freedom, imagination, etc.)

Institutional Discourse[edit]

  /  ----->  X
  -          -
  V          L

(Brief explanation: The humble servant preaches freedom to the redeemed, and scripture is thereby/therefore written.)