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Relationship to Book of Mormon. The relationship of Mormon to the Book of Mormon as a whole is discussed at Book of Mormon: Unities.

Story. Mormon consists of four major sections:

  • Chapter 1-2: Mormon commissioned. Mormon is given charge of Nephi's large plates and of the Nephites' armies.
  • Chapter 3-4: Mormon preaches. Mormon refuses to lead the Nephite armies in a war of revenge aggression. As they begin to be swept away by the Lamanites, Mormon retrieves all of the Nephites' sacred records.
  • Chapter 5-7: Mormon leads final retreat. Mormon again leads the Nephite armies as they retreat to make a final stand at Cumorah. They are destroyed. Mormon laments both their destruction and the conditions that led to that destruction.
  • Chapter 8-9: Moroni's first farewell. Moroni writes a closing farewell and exhortation that he believes will complete the record of his father.

Message. Themes, symbols, and doctrinal points emphasized in Mormon include:

Historical setting[edit]

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  1. Morm 3:17-19:
  2. Morm 5:10:
  3. Morm 8:33-41:

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Mormon given charge of Nephi's large plates and Nephite armies (Chapter 1-2)

• Ammaron commissions Moroni to retrieve the plates of Nephi, 320 AD (1:1-5)
• Mormon moves to Zarahemla, battles with the Lamanites, 321 AD (1:6-12)
• Mormon prohibited from preaching among the general wickedness prophesied by Samuel, 325 AD (1:13-19)
• Mormon leads the Nephite armies, general retreat, 326-330 AD (2:1-9)
• Nephites mourn their situation but do not repent, 331-344 AD (2:10-15)
• Nephites again retreat, Mormon retrieves the plates of Nephi, 345 AD (2:16-21)
• Nephites recover their lands but not have strength of the Lord, truce, 346-350 AD (2:22-29)

Mormon refuses to lead armies, preaches in vain (Chapter 3-4)

• Mormon prepares people for war and preaches in vain, 360 AD (3:1-6)
• Nephites twice repel Lamanite attacks, swear vengeance, Mormon refuses to lead armies, 361-362 AD (3:7-16)
• Mormon's purpose in writing: know you will be judged, so prepare by repenting (3:17-22)
• Nephites attack Lamanites, lose Desolation because attacked, retake Desolation, 363-366 AD (4:1-9)
• Nephite wickedness, lose Desolation and Teancum, then retake cities, 367 AD (4:10-15)
• Nephites begin to be swept away by Lamanites, Mormon retrieves all records, 375 AD (4:17-23)

Mormon leads armies until final destruction (Chapter 5-7)

• Mormon leads Nephite defense, swept away, 375-79 AD (5:1-7)
• Mormon's purpose in writing: believe in Christ and learn of scatter-gather covenant (5:8-24)
• Nephites gather strength together at Cumorah, 384 AD (6:1-5)
• Nephite final destruction, 384 AD (6:6-15)
• Mormon's lament for his people (6:16-21)
• Mormon to Lehite remnant: repent, hold to the gospel of Christ, know that you are of the House of Israel (7:1-10)

Moroni finishes the record of his father (Chapter 8-9)

• Moroni's witness of the Nephite destruction, will write a little and hide up the record, 400 AD (8:1-13a)
• the record will come forth to the House of Israel, do not oppose that work or condemn the record (8:13b-26a)
• description of the wicked time in which the record will come forth (8:26b-41)
• those who do not believe in Christ should come unto him before they see him at the final judgment (9:1-6)
• those who believe in God but not in miracles should recognize that he is unchanging and always works miracles (9:7-29)
• concluding summary: the record will come forth, do not condemn it, and it will bring Israel to a knowledge of Christ (9:30-37)

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Previous editions.

  • The original 1830 edition of Mormon was divided into only four chapters (I-IV). For the 1879 edition Parley Pratt further divided those four into the nine chapters (1-9) still used today. • I: 1-3 • II: 4-5 • III: 6-7 • IV: 8-9

Related passages that interpret or shed light on Mormon.

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