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Hi StevenRJensen,

I enjoyed reading your post on D&C 59:23. Too bad President Romney's 1949 conference address is not online. I'd like to read it.

Just as a heads up, someone else or I may end up revising the exegesis so that it is written from a neutral position. The use of first person and signing your name suggests that it is not written from a neutral position currently. I realized the policies on this site weren't very clear on this point. I just tried revising them. Hopefully they are better now. Still though, I'm not sure if this is very clear. If it isn't, hopefully when someone (maybe me) revises your comment you'll see what I mean by writing from a neutral position.

Thanks for posting. I hope you continue to post your thoughts and insights.

--Matthew Faulconer 11:51, 29 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Steve, I gave it a shot. Let me know if what I did makes sense. And, of course, please edit if I got it wrong/misrepresented what you were saying. --Matthew Faulconer 08:45, 30 Apr 2005 (CEST)