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I think rest is an interesting term as used in the scriptures, and it seems particularly prevalent in the BOM and D&C. This page is where I will try to work out different usages of the term in different books. Ultimately, I'm particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of how the term may be understood in LDS scripture.


There are two primary root words in Hebrew that are often translated rest. The first is shabath from which we get the word Sabbath. I think the best meaning to think of for this word is "desist from labor."


The second primary root word in Hebrew that is often translated is nuwach (see also [email protected] and Manowach).

  • Relation to Shabath. Notice that in Exodus, nuwach is used to describe the Lord resting on the Sabbath (cf. Deut 5:14).
  • Rest from enemies. This seems to be the main context of the word in Deut and in Joshua.


The Greek word katapausis seems to be more related to nuwach above.

  • "Heb 3:7-Heb 4:11 ties the promise of rest to the certainty of God's abiding peace and salvation. The author declares that ultimate rest was available for Israel from the beginning (Ex 20:11), but the Israelites were deprived of rest because of their lack of faith (Ps 95:11). Rest did not come in completeness through Joshua; thus David (in Ps 95:11) declared that the chance for rest is still open. Hebrews recognizes this rest as a state entered by faith and characterized by grace from God through Christ." From Joshua (Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching) (ISBN 0804231060), p. 30.
  • In the gospels. The term rest seems to be used frequently in the gospels. I'd like to check sometime the Greek term used in these scriptures.