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The website has a pretty cool interface for studying the Greek New Testament. It's very easy to use, even if you don't know a lick of Greek.

  1. Go to the Interlinear Bible page
  2. (Optional): Install the BST Greek font for your operating system. You can skip this step you just won't be able to see the Greek letters (you'll see a transliteration instead).
    • I use Windows XP and clicked on the Windows95/98(TrueType) Link, saved the file in a temp folder, and unzipped the two TTF files into my c:/windows/fonts folder. then I had to restart my browser for the new fonts to take effect (putting them into the folder automatically installs the font.
  3. In the Search for: box, type the scriptural passage you'd like to study. For example, type in 1 Cor 13:7 (notice abbreviations are a bit different than what are used on the Feast site...).
  4. Make sure KJV Strong's Version is selected in the using box, and click on Find.

This should bring up the following page which lists the English (KJV) verse on top and the Greek verse on the bottom. What's cool is:

  • If you click on an English word it will list the Greek root word, its definition(s), and all the occurences of that word in the Bible (listed by book), with all the different ways that word was translated.
  • If you click on a Greek word, it will show the defintion(s) of that word, and all the occurences in the New Testament.