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Conference Citations[edit]

  • Add citations in Related links sections to recent General Conference talks. (See 1 Ne 17:17 for an example.)
When you cite an authority (in order to think that authority’s words very carefully, scriptural or otherwise), you declare your faithful relation to that authority. To cite is not to provide evidence, but to declare fidelity: “Here is where I stand: with Nephi/Joseph/Pres. Hinckley.” -- Joe Spencer
Project Elapsed Stats
CR Nov 2006 26:40 (100%) 42 talks
CR May 2006 1:00 (4%) 34 talks (7/~334 possible)
Wed Mar 7 1:00 7 citations

Book Introductions[edit]

  • Review and update introductions and outlines of books in the Bible, using LDS and scholarly sources.
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Book of Mormon Side-by-side[edit]

  • Prepare and code synchronized dual-column view of biblical passages as quoted in the Book of Mormon. Allow commentary.
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Homepage Facelift[edit]

  • Fine-tune the home page for new visitors. Fix or remove broken functionality. Update site graphic.
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