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  hineni shalachni
  Caught up into an exceedingly high mountain, I saw God face to face, and God spake unto me, saying: Behold, I am the Lord
  God Almighty, and Endless is my name.  And, behold, thou art my son; wherefore look, and I will show thee the workmanship
  of my hands.  Then I looked on all the works that Thy hands had wrought, and on the labour that Thou hadst laboured to do:
  and, behold, the whole earth was full of Thy glory.  And I, Thy prophet (under the sun, by the Son, and as Thy son), gave
  my heart to know wisdom and made me great works, a new thing: this, a remembrance of former things.
  O Endless,
  to Whom I send this:
  it is water (by which I, unclean, do
  issue forth, created,
  set up, then debated)
  that Thou partest, binding bounds: unseen, new
  O Endless,
  to Whom I send this:
  on earth I stand, on unhewn stones, so piled
  that thereon might be seen
  my nakedness, clay screen
  that gathers light to make it dark: bound child
  O Endless,
  to Whom I send this:
  a mighty wind, a whirling storm, beats strong
  in rushing on me; falls
  the towered city; calls
  my tongue unbound: take up seraphic song 
  O Endless,
  to Whom I send this:
  consuming fire, I under Thee (the So/un),
  Thou under me (my head),
  no longer lay we dead;
  but loosed now (face unbound), embrace we: One
  now endless:
  I, whom Thou sendest