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Me in 2004

Just a random BYU student excited about this concept. Computer science major particularly interested in backend web design, especially usability, and in grammar, formal logic, and philosophy of language. Longtime wikipedia reader, but still getting used to the syntax for writing. Check out my site for more information.

Hey Braden, glad you're here and glad you're excited about this project. Welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing your commentary on the scriptures.--Matthew Faulconer 16:03, 28 Jul 2005 (CEST)
PS I peeked at your changes on the sandbox page. Just in case you are still curious, I added below an example of how to use sub-items.

Using sub-items[edit]

A numbered list

  1. item 1
    • sub item 1.1 (bullet)
    • sub item 1.2 (bullet)
  2. item 2
    1. sub item 2.1 (numbered)
    2. sub item 2.2 (numbered)