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Faith can do amazing things! While I was living in Montreal Canada I was playing sports with some friends and my hand accidently got kicked by one of my friends. It was kicked pretty badly. Well it swelled up pretty big and it remanined that way for four weeks. After Four weeks one of my friends told me I'd better go see a doctor about my hand. So I did just that and he took some Xrays. Sure enough two of the fingers on my right hand were broken pretty severely. So the doctor let me take my Xrays and told me to go see a specialist and set up an appointment in three days. Well I showed my Xrays to some of my friends and in the meantime I recieved a priesthood blessing and had a few of my friends say prayers that the visit with the specialist might go well and perhaps that my hand might be healed. Well three days later I went to the specialist and he said that my hand had healed perfectly. It was my version of a modern day miracle. I belive that it was because of the faith of those who prayed for me and the faith of the priesthood holders who gave me the blessing. Faith can do miracles!

--Bhardle 23:20, 27 Nov 2005 (UTC)