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Hi Joe, I liked the quote from the Atlas. Did you think the way I moved it to a user sub-page makes sense? See the related discussion here. It seems like this issue has come up recently. Do we need to address the policies? --Matthew Faulconer 05:34, 17 Oct 2006 (UTC)

It does make sense. However, I think I would prefer just to summarize it in my own words in a shorter paragrah than put it at the end of a link. I'll give that a shot in a few minutes here. Let me know what you think of it. My point in using the excerpt was to pull out a rather simple excerpt rather than provide anything like a conclusive or exhaustive source. I would rather have a simpler summary that is on the main page for readers and then provide in the links a much finer source than the Holman Bible Atlas (as great a tool as it is in its own way). Does that make sense? In other words, I think the linking of the excerpt makes the source look like it is a far more detailed source than it is. Anyway, I'll give this way of handling it a shot. Tell me your response. --Joe Spencer 13:23, 17 Oct 2006 (UTC)
Looks great. Also, let me know if the policy doesn't seem applicable and needs to be fine tuned. Though when I look at what you have done on the commentary page now, I like the policy. I like the summary you provide and I feel like it lends itself more to having someone in the future edit it than a quote does. --Matthew Faulconer 05:04, 18 Oct 2006 (UTC)
No, I think the policy is good as it stands. It forced me to write this in a better way, and that's certainly beneficial. So I think it should remain. --Joe Spencer 13:32, 18 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Robert's lexical notes[edit]

Thanks for posting these Robert. I spent too long on D&C 89 today, so I didn't get back to this chapter, but I appreciate your careful thought on these two questions. They will definitely be of some help as I continue doing research here. --Joe Spencer 14:24, 19 Oct 2006 (UTC)