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  • 2 Ne 5:27 (we lived after the manner of happiness)
  • Ps 118:24 (we will rejoice and be glad)
  • Isa 12:2-3 (the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song)
  • Matt 25:21 (I will make thee ruler; enter into the joy)
  • Alma 50:23 (never was a happier time among the people of Nephi)
  • Mosiah 2:41 (dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness)
  • 4 Ne 1:15-18 (there could not be a happier people)
  • Hel 12:2 (doing all things for the happiness of his people)
  • Morm 9:14 (he that is happy shall be happy still)
  • A of F 1:13 (if there is anything virtuous, lovely...)
  • The difference between pleasure and happiness is that you never have to repent of happiness.--David O. McKay
  • See quotes from John Taylor
  • "It is easy enough to be pleasant, when life flows by like a song, But the man worthwhile is the one who can smile when everything goes dead wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble, and it always comes with the years, And the smile that is worth the praises of earth is the smile that shines through tears." --Ella Wheeler Wilcox