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From Alma 37:11-15.

Lexical notes[edit]

One eternal round (v. 12)
The phrase "one eternal round" does not occur in the Bible, but is found four other times in Latter-day scriptures: 1 Ne 10:19, Alma 7:20, D&C 3:2, and D&C 35:1.
Course (v. 12)
While we have no idea what the orignial term translated here as "course" may have meant, in English, the word has several definitions, most of which suggest a connected series events which could be seen as a type of path or sequence:
  • A series of educational lessons (eg. "she took a course in linguistics")
  • A connected series of events, actions, or developments (eg. "the Senate took a firm course")
  • A sport facility laid out with a sequence of features (eg. a golf course)
  • A mode of action (eg. "his plan was on the wrong course")
  • A pathalong which something travels or moves (eg. "the course of a river")
  • A general line of orientation (eg. "the highway takes a mountainous course")
  • Part of a meal served at one time (eg. "she served a four course meal")
  • A layer of masonry (eg. "a course of bricks")
The word "course" occurs 24 times in the Book of Mormon, most often in reference to a path or direction of travel (eg. Mosiah 7:4, Alma 46:31) but also in the phrase "course of my days" (eg. 1 Ne 1:1, Enos 1:24).
More notes (v. 13)
More commentary could be placed here.