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Here's a personal experience I recently shared in a talk in church.

When I was in college I was busy with a bunch of stuff. Though I fulfilled my church responsibilities, I didn't feel like I served with real intent and I didn't feel much desire to help those around me. This bothered me because I wanted to have more desire to help others. So, following Mormon's advice in Moro 7:48, I prayed for more charity.

In answer to that prayer the idea came to my mind that I was not acting on those times when the Lord did give me the desire to help others. So then, as I started to pay attention I saw that there were many times when I felt like doing good, but then I brushed it off because I was in too much of a hurry or because the other person might think it odd. But as I tried to act on those sentiments, to take the time to act on them, I saw that I did have more love for those around me and more desire in general to serve others.

I haven't always equally done a good job of applying this lesson, but as I have applied it, it has been a great help to me. I see this lesson as applying the principles found in 2 Ne 28:30 to charity.