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Feel free to leave comments for me on the discussion page. Don't forget to sign and date your comments there. You can do that by typing ~~~~.

A little about me[edit]

  • I am married with 3 kids
  • I work at Wells Fargo. See my professional profile on linkedin
  • I graduated with an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin in 2001
  • I graduated with a BA in Philosophy from BYU in 1997
  • I started this site and am an admin here

Thank you contributors![edit]

Though our blog remains active, I haven't done anything in several years to promote the wiki and there have been very few contributors. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years. And a special thanks to those who continue to contribute.

For those who have and continue to contribute, know that your contributions are being seen and will continue to be seen. One great thing about the type of content we have on the Feast wiki site is that, unlike so much of what you find on the Internet, it doesn't age quickly. An explanation of a scripture passage shared 5 years ago is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. That's why people continue to use the site even when there is no promotion of it and even when there is little new content.

Some stats[edit]

  • We get about 3,000 visits and 9,000 page views a month.
  • We have xxx registered users.
  • We have had a total of xxx edits since the site began.

Why I started this site[edit]

There are several reasons that came together at once.

  • Wikipedia was an inspiration. When I first learned about Wikipedia I figured that a site where anyone can edit anything would lead to total chaos. But as I played around with Wikipedia I found rather orderly encyclopedic articles. I was amazed at what Wikipedia had to offer. But, I quickly realized that though I was enamored with the concept of a Wiki, I wasn't as interested in the content wikipedia provides--a bunch of encyclopedia articles.
  • I thought a lot about (and read some about) the difference between blogs and wikis. The only blogs I read were LDS blogs. I found them to be often very interesting but they didn't provide exactly what I was looking for. So, partly I created this wiki hoping to provide something that I felt I wanted but didn't find anywhere. Particurly I want this site to be:
    • less focused on people's opinions
    • more focused on the gospel
    • less about day-to-day chit-chat
    • more about creating something lasting
    • less a tool to aid in analyzing the Church (e.g. leadership, members, beliefs, politics, habits.)
    • more a tool to aid in understanding the scriptures
    • less introspective
    • less controversial
    • less meta...(e.g. less of what this page is all about)
    • more of something like: Alma 13:1-5 & 1 Ne 11:1-5
  • I was heavily influenced by my father's thought questions he sent out as part of preparation for teaching his sunday school class. (See below.)

Special thanks to my dad[edit]

  • For teaching me over the years to focus on what scripture says.
  • For doing a mountain of preparation for his Sunday School lessons. The thought questions he sent out on a weekly basis were the basis for my thinking that something like this could work.
  • For his continued support.

Other stuff[edit]

Some content is not appropriate or just not yet ready for the commentary pages. A common way to add such content to the site is to use subpages. Here are some of my subpages. (See Help:Contents for more info on what stuff should go where.)