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Replica Handbags , Replica Handbags Blog The purpose of this page is to list the abbreviations used for the books in the Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These abbreviations are particularly important to this site because they are adopted as the standard for linking to particular verses, e.g. to link to the scriptures Genesis 1:1 we use the standard abbreviation, namely Gen 1:1.

Old Testament

Book Name Abbr
Genesis Gen
Exodus Ex
Leviticus Lev
Numbers Num
Deuteronomy Deut
Joshua Josh
Judges Judg
Ruth Ruth
1 Samuel 1 Sam
2 Samuel 2 Sam
1 Kings 1 Kgs
2 Kings 2 Kgs
1 Chronicles 1 Chr
2 Chronicles 2 Chr
Ezra Ezra
Nehemiah Neh
Esther Esth
Job Job
Psalms Ps
Proverbs Prov
Ecclesiastes Eccl
The Song of Solomon Song
Isaiah Isa
Jeremiah Jer
Lamentations Lam
Ezekiel Ezek
Daniel Dan
Hosea Hosea
Joel Joel
Amos Amos
Obadiah Obad
Jonah Jonah
Micah Micah
Nahum Nahum
Habakkuk Hab
Zephaniah Zeph
Haggai Hag
Zechariah Zech
Malachi Mal

New Testament

Book Name Abbr
Matthew Matt
Mark Mark
Luke Luke
John John
The Acts Acts
The Epistle to the Romans Rom
1 Corinthians 1 Cor
2 Corinthians 2 Cor
Galatians Gal
Ephesians Eph
Philippians Philip
Colossians Col
1 Thessalonians 1 Thes
2 Thessalonians 2 Thes
1 Timothy 1 Tim
2 Timothy 2 Tim
Titus Titus
Philemon Philem
To the Hebrews Heb
The Epistle of James James
1 Peter 1 Pet
2 Peter 2 Pet
1 John 1 Jn
2 John 2 Jn
3 John 3 Jn
Jude Jude
Revelation Rev

Book of Mormon

Book Name Abbr
First Nephi 1 Ne
Second Nephi 2 Ne
Jacob Jacob
Enos Enos
Jarom Jarom
Omni Omni
Words of Mormon W of M
Mosiah Mosiah
Alma Alma
Helaman Hel
Third Nephi 3 Ne
Fourth Nephi 4 Ne
Mormon Morm
Ether Ether
Moroni Moro

Other latter-day scripture

Book Name Abbr
Doctrine & Covenants D&C
Moses Moses
Abraham Abr
Joseph Smith-Matthew JS-M
Joseph Smith-History JS-H