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A list of other scripture resources available on the web

Most useful[edit]

Comments on a particular scripture[edit]

Understanding the words of the scriptures[edit]

  • See the definition of words around the time of the restoration: Webster's 1828 Dictionary
  • Look up the meaning of the Greek or Hebrew words in the Bible using the English with these tools from the Blue Letter Bible.
    • Do a search for the English word in scripture and then link from a particular occurrence to the original Greek or Hebrew word for that occurrence. Go to this search page, type the word of interest, click the "Show Strong's" check box, click the search button. Then click on the small super-script to the right of the word you are interested in.
    • Alternatively, use the Lexicon search to find a list of all Greek and Hebrew words translated in scripture into the English word you search for.

Sunday school lesson materials[edit]

Alternate translations / other versions[edit]

  • features the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible verse by verse along with several English translations and translations into various non-English languages.
  • 1830 version of the Book of Mormon: This impressive site provides scanned images of an actual first edition copy of the Book of Mormon. The quality is very good (use your browser to magnify, if desired). You may examine any page in the Book of Mormon in two different ways: look by page number in the original Palmyra edition, or search by reference online from the current edition.
  • Inspired Version of the Bible ≈ JST of the Bible. (Provided by Church of Christ (formerly RLDS).)
  • Lectures on Faith (Provided by Church of Christ (formerly RLDS).)

More Stuff[edit]


Bible specific[edit]


  • World Wide Study Bible. Organized by book and then chapter. Has links to various translations, audio, commentary, and sermons. There are other tools better for comparing translations (though this source is comprehensive) but this is one of the best places to find bible commentaries. Mostly Protestant sources. Some Catholic as well.
  • Crosswalk contains Bible study tools including: several versions of the Bible, searches, parallel bibles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons and more.
  • Bible Gateway another bible study tool which includes the bible in several languages (text or audio), several translations of the bible in English (text or audio), commentaries and a topical index.
  • BibleWiki a wiki with the goal of being an encyclopedia for the Bible; currently contains Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, the Jewish Encyclopedia (1906), and the Catholic Encyclopedia (1907).
  • NET Bible is a fairly literal translation produced by evangelical scholars. It includes extensive translation notes.
  • features the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible verse by verse along with several English translations and translations into various non-English languages.
  • New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
  • World English Bible is one of the very few modern translations in the public domain.
  • Dr. Constable has an on-line commentary of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Devar free bible study tool is a freeware Bible program with over 70 different books. With Bibles in many languages, commentaries, lexicons and other scripture research books. An increadble free program.

Biblical Studies Journals[edit]

Also see this list of Bible-Related Electronic Journals These contains free electronic articles (at least a few)

These require subscription

Rabbinic literature[edit]

  • Zohar
  • Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906

Notable Biblical scholars and books[edit]

  • CASSUTO, Umberto. A commentary on the book of Genesis. Translated from the Hebrew by Israel Abrahams. 2 vols. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1961-1964
  • Margaret Barker

Computer software[edit]

  • Scriptures software This has all the LDS scriptures on CD-Rom, it only costs $6, some of the cool things about the software is that you can make notes as long as you want, in as many verses as you want, without getting the margins of your scriptures messy. One sad thing though, you can’t highlight.
  • This software costs around $60, it has a fairly large library of books, and you can create your own book on the software, so other users can download, and search right along with the regular books.
  • This is by far the BEST Bible study software I have ever seen. One awesome thing about this library, is that it is an ‘open library’ meaning that Logos is always adding books to the library that you can buy. There are thousands and thousands of different books, the price of the software ranges from $150-$4,300 depending on what you want. You can go to the comparison page to find out more.

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