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Related scriptures and scripture discussions[edit]

  • Gen 1:2 and Moses 1:2: Look in exegesis and on discussion pages for God causing darkness and calling light good, but conspicuously not calling darkness good.

Other LDS (or LDS-related) references[edit]

  • Allred, Janice M. "Freedom and Grace: Rethinking Theocracy.” Dialogue 28 (2) Summer 1995: 61-81 [p. 65, 77-78]
  • England, Eugene. “How Can God Be Both Good and Powerful?” Dialogues with Myself. Midvale, Utah: Signature Books, 1984. p. 100.
  • Firmage, Edwin B. “Reconciliation.” [From the Pulpit] Dialogue 22 (3) Fall 1989: 130-145 [p. 137-140]
  • Potter, R. Dennis. “Finitism and the Problem of Evil.” Dialogue 33 (4) Winter 2000: 83-95.

Related links[edit]

  • N. A. Maxwell's thoughts: Elder Neal A. Maxwell has said a fair amount on the problem of evil. This subpage will be devoted to quotes, discussion, and analysis of what he's said.
  • Faulconer: James E. Faulconer has written an essay entitled "Another Look at the Problem of Theodicy" (2004) where he discusses the difficulty of the problem of evil and how it "demonstrat[es] the limits of reason and, therefore, [is] an aid to humility, reminding us of God’s greatness and our own nothingness" (p. 9).
  • FAIR links: FAIR has a list of references (some of which are repeats) on the problem of evil. (I'll add notes on these references as I have time....)
  • Eric over at filmnote: An essay giving his thoughts on possible LDS positions and other philosophical positions.