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Some themes I've been're invited to share your views on my discussion page. Thanks, Nanette

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Today was our ward conference and our year's theme is "becoming a disciple by hearkening to the Spirit" (or something like that since I was rather distracted by my 1-yr old attempting to make a call on my cell phone). But I got the gist of the theme, anyway. As my stake president began to teach on this theme during Sunday School he had us mentally write three headings on our imaginary chalk board defining the word "HEARKEN." They were: 1. Listen 2. Understand 3. Obey or Follow. Then he asked for suggestions on receiving inspiration. The standard, "Think of others instead of yourself" was mentioned. This implies service.

I am coming to see that as we serve, no matter the capacity in which we serve, we gain humility. This humility opens up our hearts to the teachings or promptings of the Spirit, enabling us to better "hearken."

I'd like to invite discussion along this theme, wondering about the scriptural support, if any, to my thinking. Has service increased your humility? Are there archetypal examples of this happening? Is humility a prerequisite to hearkening to the Spirit? Thanks to anyone who ventures down this ponderpath.

The Beatitudes as a linear progression to perfection[edit]

In studying the Sermon on the Mt. (Matt.5) & Sermon at the Temple (3 Ne. 12) I see Christ's instruction to be sequential and culminating in perfection, or becoming qualified to live with Him again. The below illustrates my perception of the beatitudes being a progression of perfection--or as Pres. Lee said, "the Blueprint for Perfection." The material contained comes from my notes taken & reorganized over years. I don't take credit for any of it since much of it was compiled during classes taught by others, excerpts from my reading, etc. This is just where I am today in my perception...a constant flux.

Beatitudes 2.jpg