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Verse 33[edit]

  • 2 Ne 9:38
  • D&C 84:41
  • “As the time of repentance is procrastinated, the ability to repent grows weaker; neglect of opportunity in holy things develops inability.” (James E. Talmage)

Verse 34[edit]

  • “Now I have read to you the scripture. I believe it is the word of God ‘with the bark on it,’ where the prophet of the Lord declared unto apostates and those who have heard the gospel that if they did not repent and come into the Church now, in this day of repentance, but continued to procrastinate their repentance unto the end, that the night would come when no work could be done for them, and their souls would be lost. I think that is pretty good scripture. I do not know how the Lord could do otherwise in justice.” (Joseph Fielding Smith)