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This is a page for Feast Upon the Word - BYU's Book of Mormon Reading Club. If you would like to be added to the club's email list (even if you are not a BYU student) please send an email to the club officers.


The inspiration for the creation of this club is President Hinckley's recent challenge to "read and reread" the Book of Mormon (August 2005 Ensign). The purpose of this club is to help motivate reading, discussion and the sharing of insights, resources, and experiences regarding the Book of Mormon.

Recent announcements[edit]

  • Currently we are making an advertising push to get an email list of interested students, esp. students who want to help grow the club. Based on the preferences of these students, we will pick a convenient time and location to meet.
  • The readings and discussion for this semester will roughly follow the schedule outlined by President Hinckley--to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.
  • We will meet to read and discuss particular passages from the Book of Mormon. Winter semester, we will have keynote visitors (mostly BYU faculty members) coming at least once a month (hopefully bi-weekly or so) to give a mini-devotional presentation and/or lead a discussion about particular passages.

Semester links[edit]

Scheduled keynote visitors[edit]

Expected visitors for Winter 2006:

  • Bob Crawford: 2 Ne 9:53, "do not spend money for that which is of no worth"
  • Brian Sudweeks: "rest in the Lord"
  • Matthew Faulconer: TBA
  • Jim Faulconer: TBA

Current club members[edit]

This website[edit]

Thank you to for hosting this club page. We will be archiving notes and reports from the weekly meetings for all to enjoy. Club discussion related to the scriptures between members should be directed to either

  1. the discussion page for that passage (preferred!)
  2. the discussion page for the appropriate semester link
  3. the discussion page for the appropriate user.

Study questions, lexical notes, related links, and explanatory comments should be added to the commentary page for the appropriate passage.

Members and visitors are strongly encouraged to start an account here and help in building a rich and lasting resource for studying the scriptures. If you are not familiar with wikis, don't be intimidated--users here are very friendly and will be happy to help and answer any questions you have. Here is a help page to get you started.