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Anyone should feel free to add to this list of blog threads discussing scriptures (in some loose and broadly-defined sense).

July 2006[edit]

  • a curse for thy sake Connor Boyack discusses what it means to curse something for their sake as the phrase is used in the scriptures.

Apr 2006[edit]

Apr 29
Looks at puzzling uses of the word only in LDS scripture.
[Link added to D&C 1:30 page.]
Apr 26
Discusses KJV vs. other translations (there are good lexical notes to be gleaned from this post!)
Apr 20
Discusses Bible translation issues

Mar 2006[edit]

Mar 18
[Added to related links on D&C 131:1 page.]
Mar 16
Discusses the Nephites as a "market dominant minority". Considers to what extent wealth inequality may've played a role in the Nephites downfall. Other keywords: Mulekites, Amy Chua, Sorenson.
Mar 8
Alternate readings of Acts 20:28.
[Added to related links on Acts 20:28 page.]
Mar 6
Discusses grace and salvation—argues that even Telestial glory is properly called salvation.
Mar 2
Looks carefully at D&C 110:12-13 and Mark 9:3, suggest that Elias may be John the Baptist instead of Elijah.
[Added to links to D&C 110:12 and Mark 9:3 pages.]

Feb 2006[edit]

Feb 25
A review that plugs Noel Reynold's essay on this topic.
Feb 24
In depth discussion of how to understand priesthood as used in the New Testament as opposed to how we understand it today.
[Added link to Heb 7:24 page.]
Personal thoughts about resentment and the scriptural notion that failing to forgive is the larger sin.
[Link added to D&C 64:9.]
Offers a couple random scriptural tidbits from a Jewish-Mormon perspective.
[Link added to Gen 22:2.]
Feb 23
Alternate texts and scriptures talking about the beginning of creation.
[Link added to [[Gen 1:1].]
Quibbles about the definite article a describing the land of Canaan in Gen 12:1
[Link added to Gen 12:1.]
Feb 22
Personal thoughts on this scriptural phrase.
Bloggernacle discussion of another post discussing Dr. James Dobson's (of Focus on the Family fame) support for a bill in the Colorado legislature that would extend many legal rights to civil unions. Uses Ruth's loyalty to Naomi as support.
Feb 21
Some historical but mostly personal thoughts about eating meat and the advice given by the Word of Wisdom.
Asks the question but not much discussion as of Feb 25, 2006.
Feb 20
Compares D&C 121:45-46 with the Taoist notion of being, advocating an approach to the gospel that will keep us from feeling burned out.
Personal reflections on 1 Cor 15:19 and Rom 8:37-39.
Apologetic discussion of seemingly anachronistic use of the term steel describing Nephi's bow. Reviews other apologetic arguments (steel = bronze or strong as in 2 Sam 22:35, Job 20:24, Ps 18:34, and Jer 15:12) and offers a new interpretation based on an alternative reading of the bible phrase proposed by the biblical scholar, Aron Pinker where the Hebrew word translated as "steel" actually means "snake-like or serpentine". Kevin argues Joseph Smith made the same mistake as the KJV of the bible and interpreted the description of the snake-like, serpentine bow as steel.
Feb 19
Thoughts on why God didn't set Adam and Eve up to sin. Summary last paragraph: "Adam and Eve were innocent, and therfore incapable of sin. They fulfilled God’s plan by transgressing the law, and were thereby given the opportunity for growth. Yet through it all, God did not cause them to sin."
Thoughts about Ammon's aristocratic upbringing and how it might've helped him feel comfortable before Lamoni. Mostly personal reflections on parallels in 19th century Russia and on on John's mission in Argentina.
Wonders why Alma seems to give Corianton knowledge in a way that isn't according to the precept upon precept principle....
Feb 17
Discusses theories that Melchizedek is actually Shem or the pre-mortal Christ
Feb 16
A feminist perspective, discusses the synagogue ruler's pharisaism and contrasts it to Jarius' in Mark 5:21.
Asks "How authoritative is the JST?" Some examples are given of some complex insights from the JST.
Is it wrong to consort with enemy institutions? Ammon didn't seem to think so....
Feb 15
Speculation that Abraham was the first literal prophet and pre-Abrahamic stories are figurative
Feb 14
Gives references that attempt to dispel the notion that the curse of Cain was a ban from holding the Priesthood (a follow-up to this post, though I couldn't find the podcast link...).
Feb 13
D&C 91 mentions says there are many truths in the apocrypha--why don't we study it more?
Reflections on the the Articles of Faith, esp. gender in articles 6 & 7
Retelling and personal reflections on Deborah (Judges 4 and 5).
Claims that "even God is required to have faith".
Argues that Gen 19:5 is not about homosexuality, as is commonly thought (notice comment #10 by Ben S. provides a well-researched counter-argument)
List of good books that were used (or almost used) as church lesson manuals
Feb 12
Discussion on what scriptures have to say about the nature of man
Thoughts on the covenant and significance of circumcision, and ultimately the reason Mathoni didn't circumcise their son.
Feb 10
Discussion about the poor among the Zoramites and our ability to humble ourselves (follow-up to T&S post "Is Poverty Satanic")
Discusses the synoptic problem in the first 3 gospels, and the various theories trying to explain their similarities to each other.
Feb 9
Apologetic discussion about the passage in Rev 22:18-19 about not adding to the revelation of John.
Asks whether, in regard to Christ's pre-mortal plan, there might've been not only risk associated with our not using our agency correctly, but also risk that Christ might not successfully atone for sin.
Feb 8
One bible commentator speculates that John the Baptist attracted a large following b/c he was wearing Elijah's actual cloak (handed down through generations by some legends).
  • Elect by Kaimi Wenger at T&S.
Link to a new LDS blog aggregator called LDSelect; links to other aggregators are also given. (It might be worth thinking about trying to get a Feast wiki feed page that is somehow appropriate for these kind of aggregators, somehow filtering short an minor changes....)
Feb 7
Discussion of scriptures that Mormon culture seems to ignore (e.g. "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it" plaques vs. the "my yoke is easy my burden is light" scripture).
Analyzes scriptures referring to sheep and concludes that sheep are they that listen to the Lord's voice
Jim's thoughts on how to interpret scripture
Feb 6
Feb 5
Personal essay on how scripture study is a form of worship.
Feb 4
Wonders if chiasm in Alma 36 is really evidence of BOM historicity. Includes links to articles analyzing this chiasmus.
Feb 3
Feb 2
  • Tagging by Kim Siever at Our Thoughts]
Link to a cool site on scripture tagging.
Based on Dialogue article about creation narrative in story of Noah.

Jan 2006[edit]

Abraham's seer stone in Jewish and Mormon tradition.
Discussion of women wearing veils a la 1 Cor 11:10.
BOM evidences
BOM evidences
Discussion of what "sticks" may mean in Ezekiel.
Discussion of whether Judas will be forgiven or not
Says "feet" means, in various OT phrases, genitalia, defecating, urine, pubic hair, promiscuity, etc.
Yahweh (Jehovah), El, El-Elyon, El-Shaddai, and Elohim.
  • 2006 Jan 21: Bible Wars by RoastedTomatoes at Latter-day Saint Liberation Front
Earlier historical trends regarding the 1950's changing views on the bible in Protestant churches.
Personal thoughts on becoming more like God, and how this is ingored by other Christians.
Somewhat esoteric discussion of figures in the creation and fall (e.g. is J/E intending God to sound satirical in saying "man has become one of us").
Introduction to the Septuagint.
BOM historicity
Hebrew etymology for: Adam, Eve, Eden, Elohim, and Yahweh.
Introductory: basically the claim, widely believed by scholars, is that there were 4 main authors of the Pentateuch. Gives an example of how this sheds light on Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Dec - Jan 2005[edit]

Interesting thoughts on avoiding contention when discussing controversial topics ala 3 Ne 11:29.
Apologetic (BOM historicity)
Thoughts on personal revelation vs. other types of study and meditation.
Discussion of a new book that with strong evidence against Morton Smith's Secret Gospel of Mark--includes a discussion of homose*ual motivations and innuendos regarding M. Smith.
Finds evidence in the Book of Mormon supporting environmental conservation
"The Book of Mormon narrative contains a persistent and pervasive emphasis on the socially marginal at the expense of the central. This narrative convention reflects a deeper “theology of social inversion” at the core of the text."
Thoughts about the KJV—includes a survey.
Thoughts on literal vs. adopted Israel