Historical Overview of the Jaredites

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The purpose of this page is to explain the historical sequence recounted in the Book of Mormon. This page should remain short enough to read in about thirty minutes.


Referring to one of the following timelines may make it easier to relate specific events described on this page to the big picture of Jaredite history.

Old Testament origins[edit]

Jaredite history[edit]


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Footnotes are not required but are encouraged for factual assertions that average readers cannot easily evaluate for themselves (such as the date of King Solomon’s death or the nuanced definition of a Greek word). In contrast, insights rarely benefit from footnoting, and the focus of this page should always remain on the scriptures themselves rather than what someone has said about them. Links are actively encouraged on all sections of this page, and links to authoritative sources (such as Strong's Bible Concordance or the Joseph Smith Papers) are preferable to footnotes.

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