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To have your own user pages you need to create an account.

Once you have done this your name will appear at the top of the screen. Click on it and you will go to your main user page.

Your main user page is a great place to add a little bit of content about who you are. It is nice for others to know a bit about you. It is part of building a community.

How to create sub-pages[edit]

To create a sub-page of your user-page:
1. Go to your user page and click the edit tab. This will put your user page in edit mode.
2. Go to where you want to include the link to your user subpage and type.


Note: when you type this, replace "subpagename" with the actual name of the page you want to use.
3. Click the "Show preview" button. This will show you the change you made to your page without saving it.
4. If it looks good click "Save Page."

You now have succesfully created a link to a user sub-page of yours. As you will see the link is red because the link is to a page that doesn't yet exist. To create the page, just click on the link. This will automatically take you to the edit mode for that page. Then just add content in the edit box and click save page.

That's it.

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