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What are appropriate questions?[edit]

Good questions. Questions are likely to be good if they are:

  • Sincere questions - a question you really have about the scriptures, something you suspect someone may know the answer to but you don't.
  • Thought-provoking questions - a question you think is helpful to think about in order to understand the scriptures better even if the scriptures don't provide enough information for us to know the answer.

Bad questions. Questions are not likely to be good if they are:

  • Quiz or trivial-pursuit type questions - the answer to your question is clearly given in the text; these are the type of questions that would be good for a quiz to see if you had read carefully; these types of questions tend not to be very valuable for readers on this site.
  • Tendentious or leading questions - you want to take a certain position but choose to do it by suggesting it as a question rather than putting it as a position in the exegesis.

When questions are answered in the exegesis section, they should be deleted from the questions section.

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