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Discussion page description[edit]

Every page on this site has an accompanying discussion page. These discussion pages are accessed by clicking on the second tab from the left. Tabs are shown at the top of each page. If you are on a discussion page, you can get to the main page, by clicking the first tab from the left.

For example, look at the top of this page. The first tab says "help". That is because this is a help page. The next tab to the right says "discussion." If you click on that tab you will go to a page where you could discuss the content of this page.

Discussion pages should be used to discuss issues regarding the page they are linked to. Discussion pages that are linked to commentary pages are a good place to discuss what commentary should go on that commentary page, brainstorm answers to thought questions, or post other commentary that does does not fit the guidelines for commentary pages. The following content are all examples of content that wouldn't belong on the commentary page but might fit on the discussion page: thoughts that are not directly substantiated by the scriptural text, personal stories about the scripture, a testimony related to the scripture.

Notice that the link to the discussion page is red when there is no content on it. Be aware that discussion pages are not permanant in the same way commentary pages are. Over time, discussion pages may be archived.

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