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  • Quick start: A one page, brief introduction to wiki editing.
  • What goes where?
    • Commentary pages: Commentary pages are the main content of this site. Below are pages which explain what is and is not appropriate for each section of a commentary page (click here to see these all on one page):
    • User subpages: Personal stories, personal impressions, and non-scriptural quotes are not appropriate for commentary pages and should be put on a user subpage and linked to from the related links section instead. This help page explains how to create a user subpage. (Note: personal impressions may also be put on the discussion page.)
    • Profile pictures: Follow this link to upload an image. Once the image is uploaded, copy the following text to your user page --> [[File:your file name here|250px|left]]. You can change the size of the image by adjusting 250px to be bigger or smaller, and you can play with the positioning of the image by substituting "right" or "top" in the place of "left".
    • Discussion pages: Although the creation of commentary pages is the primary goal of this site, oftentimes it is useful to discuss the content of the commentary pages. Discussion pages are also a good place to brainstorm answers to thought questions or post other commentary that does does not fit the guidelines for commentary pages (e.g. testimony, personal stories, thoughts that are not directly substantiated by the scriptural text). This help page explains the scope and workings of discussion pages.
  • Site policies: One of the advantages of a wiki is that it allows many people to contribute to the content of a site. Although this allows for exciting collaborative possibilities, there are dangers: if respect for differing points of view is not maintained, the wiki site can breed contention. This page lists the site policies that should be followed by all contributors in order to avoid contention and maintain respect for all points of view. It also gives detailed policies about what type of content is appropriate for this website, and where that content should be placed.
  • Editing and formatting
    • Editing: Basic help on how to edit commentary or discussion pages
    • Wiki markup: A short overview of wiki markup
    • Formatting: Formatting guidelines for the site
    • LDS scripture abbreviations: A list of abbreviations for books of scripture used on this site (based on the standard LDS abbreviations)
    • Writing in Greek or Hebrew: Help on how to write in Greek or Hebrew fonts on this site.
    • Sandbox: A place to experiment with editing—if you like to learn by trial and error, this is your place.
  • Other helpful pages
    • Help:Scriptures: How to use this site to answer questions about the scriptures.
    • Help:Authenticating e-mail address: How to authenticate (verify) your e-mail address
    • Help:Emailing other users: How to email another user of the site.
    • Our FAQ: Answers to common questions.
    • Tips: Tips from various users on getting the most out the site
    • Wikipedia pages
    • MediaWiki help: Help from the WikiMedia site. WikiMedia is the application that powers this wiki. Its help tends to be most detailed and also most technical. The link takes you to the section "For editors." That's probably where you want to go but note that there is a lot of additional information about WikiMedia that you can find by browsing around once you are at that site.
  • Admin specific help pages

If you need help and haven't found it, please add your question to our FAQ page.

Related links

  • Feedback: If you want to note a problem with this site or you'd like to suggest an enhancement, go to the feedback page.