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What does this passage teach about the Savior’s suffering for us? Why was Jesus willing to experience such great suffering for us?

Lexical notes[edit]

  • See Lev 16:1-5 Discussion page for Day of Atonement article by Janet Lisonbee

Related links[edit]

  • Keith R. Edwards, "That They Might Know Thee," Ensign, Nov 2006, pp. 99–101. Elder Edwards said: "The great and exquisite suffering of the Savior was for us, to keep us from having to suffer as He suffered. However, suffering is a part of life, and few will escape its grasp. Since it is something that each of us has gone through, is going through, or will go through, there is scriptural suggestion that we can learn spiritual lessons if we can approach suffering, sorrow, or grief with a focus on Christ."

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