1 Sam 12:11-15

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[edit] Questions

[edit] Verse 14

  • If-then. What is this verse saying? If the people are obedient, then they will continue to be obedient? Is this a blessing? a prophecy?
  • And also the king. Does "ye" include the king? If so, why is the king separately specified in the then part of this if-then clause? If not, how can we understand the obedience of the people determining the continued obedience of the king?

[edit] Lexical notes

[edit] Verse 15

  • The hand of the Lord be against you, as it was against your fathers. See Judg 2:15. The expression "hand of the Lord" being against has also been used in Deut 2:15; 1 Sam 7:1; 12:15.

[edit] Exegesis

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[edit] Related links

[edit] Verse 14

  • If-then translation issues. See Jim F.'s post at the Times & Seasons blog for translation issues for this verse.

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